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      I offer one of a kind maternity and newborn photography in and around Haddonfield, NJ for those who want to celebrate this amazingly beautiful time in their life. We’ll work with you to get the perfect blend of  lifestyles photography, intimate and fine art maternity and newborn photography. It really is a special time that you’ll wish you had documented 20 years from now.

      What to Expect

      About Availability: I usually put down the baby’s due date as the session date (+/- a day or two) but it’s just so that I know who is expecting and I don’t over-book myself. We all know baby’s pick their own due dates. Well most of the time, anyway…  but this system is a pretty good one. I prefer to shoot these sessions between the 4th and 8th day whenever possible. So you should call or email me as soon as you know the day you’ll be home from the hospital and we’ll get you on the calendar.

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      Pricing: I have a Maternity & Newborn Price List to help you get an idea on what I offer and how you can purchase sessions and products.  Use the Inquiry link below to get more information.

      How to Book: If you are interested in booking with me I have a booking page that you can select the session, the products or the collections you are interested in purchasing at this time. I can do all of that, and take payments online. I do like to have brief phone calls with prospective clients just to be sure I’m the right fit.

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      These sweet images do take a bit of time and patience and it’s important that you and baby are comfortable so I have about 500 square feet dedicated in my Haddonfield NJ home to making these images and for you to relax. Your baby will be enjoying a safe and gentle approach in a temperature controlled clean environment while you relax and look on from a comfy sitting area close by. There’s a TV and you can help yourself to something from the coffee bar or mini-fridge. Although I do offer at-home sessions, they are limited and booked as needed, in special circumstances. I’ll send you information on how to prepare and what to expect in more detail at booking.

      How early should I book a maternity session? When is the best time to shoot it?

      I recommend that you book sometime in your 4th-5th month. We'll shoot the session in the last trimester (usually the 7th or 8th month) .

      Where do you shoot maternity sessions?

      We can shoot anywhere you like. Your home, a park, your city or town. How about the beach? If you wish to do more intimate belly shots we'll find a location for you.

      What can I expect?

      I normally divide the session up into segments. These will depend on what you want. For instance, maybe we'll do a lifestyles portion with your partner or family, then we do more intimate belly shots, followed by fine art.

      What should I wear?

      I offer a wide assortment of gowns, floral crowns and simple layers that I use because they photograph so well. Beyond that, we'll work together to find what works for you that you have and that you are comfortable in.

      Do you offer a package that includes maternity and newborns?

      Yes. When you inquire, be sure to specify that you are interested in both. I have special pricing for that.

      Can I call you to ask any questions directly?

      Yes. I enjoy speaking with people that I'll be working with. It helps me know you and be a better source for advice and direction.

      When is the best time to schedule my newborn session?

      The first week of life is best when taking newborn portraits. I prefer between 3-8 days old, as your baby is typically most
      sleepy and tolerant to a variety of posing. When scheduling your newborn session, the sooner you can contact me about
      your future arrival, the better!! Your session will be scheduled in advance based on your due date.

      How long will the session be?

      Because newborns are “new” and sometimes very unpredictable with sleeping and eating… I allow extra time. You can expect your newborn session to last 2-4 hours, and we are never rushed. I will take the time to carefully place every tiny finger and every tiny toe in place, and always make sure your baby is happy and comfortable

      What is included in my session fee? What about packages?

      The session fee covers our time during your session, all props and backgrounds and includes an online proofing
      gallery of 30-40 edited image. Prints or digital orders are not included in the session fee (see collections, or
      have a customized one just for you for those). I offer a variety of print and digital image collections for you as well.

      Do you have props?

      Oh gosh, yes! You will have full access to my entire prop collection! One of the great things about scheduling early, is we can chat about what things you love, so I will go ahead and have several picked out specifically for you! If you have something particular you’re wanting, let’s chat… I may have it, or have a vendor who can create it for us!

      Do you do all newborn sessions in your studio? Can you come to my home?

      Most of these are done in my Haddonfield, NJ newborn studio because everything I could possibly need is here and parents are comfortable as well. I do offer at-home sessions, but they are limited and booked as needed, in special circumstances.

      Who will you photograph with the newborn baby?

      Although the majority of the focus is on the baby, I understand the desire to include siblings, parents or both so I'll set aside some time to make those for you (if you want).

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